All my work is about an attempt to contribute to creating a better world (nothing less :-)).  Contributing to creating a better world by questioning the existing, and showing examples of other ways of thinking, designing and co-creating.
The installations I create is not only illustrations of a text, or art installations to be experiences in galleries, but also physical arguments in a discourse about values in our past, present and future.
With my work I try to discuss relations between design and art, use and miss-use,  power relations, equality and diversity, health, beliefs, value and meaning; Constructions of meaning in a specific situation, where experiences, meaning and health is being experienced by persons and life is being lived.

uten forvandlinger (2022)
uten forvandlinger

Polly World (2014- 2018)
Polly Land 2014

Reflect (2013)
Reflect 2013

Wave Carpet (2013)

Wave Orange (2013)
Wave Orange 2013

Searching Voices (2012)
Searching Voices 2012

ORFI (2008-2011)

Vinings (2007)

Tiger Tales (2005)
TigerTales 2005

Strainings (2004 – 2005)

Unfoldings (2003 – 2005)

MUFI (2000 – 2003)

Today it is only links to the installations on other web sites here. Over time I will write more about each installations from my point of view related to my work, vision and experience with them.

I have also done a lot of user interfaces for screen based media  for many branches and technologies from 1985, until my latest the interface for Polly App this year (2015).




co-creation, design and research…