uten forvandlinger

uten forvandlinger

Uten forvandlinger / Except transformations

Bakkehaugen church, Oslo, April 10th-18th, 2022, 3-6 PM.
Vernissage April 10th, 3 PM.

Birgitta Cappelen is a designer who crosses the fields between art, research, digital technology, products and services. She has exhibited artwork at museums in the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Japan and Turkey. Since 2000 she has been a member of MusicalFieldsForever, an international interactive art group.

In her work and works, she aims to open a discourse about relations – between design and art, between use and abuse, power relationships, equality and diversity as well as health and faith. All her work is about an attempt to contribute to creating a better world.

This is the first time this series of digitally created images are exhibited in Norway. They are made with the computer and network as preconditions and material. Their meaning emerges in the specific situation in which they are experienced by people, and where life is lived.



co-creation, design and research…